Art Show

The Gallery Espresso presents:
“Me imagino Cuba”
“Recent photgraphs by Kim Huffman”

March 1- April 3, 2017

Opening Reception : Thursday, March 9, 6-8 pm

> Artist Bio and Information:
> Kim Huffman,a Savannah transplant from Atlanta and Kentucky, as well as an old man with a camera in his hand for decades, decided to expand his horizons.
> In May of 2015 he traveled to Cuba with no preconceived agenda, but to capture an anachronism of time, place, culture and people.
> His photos reveal not the usual tourist guided vision of cigars and old cars, but of the people in their everyday world, enjoying what cultural and physical activities they can, while they can.
> Ballet, boxing and everyday street life in the city and country side caught his eye and camera the most. All aspects of grace, dignity and respect for the Cuban people are revealed by his work.
> Despite a “meager material life” Cubans are well educated, for the most part heathy as well as culturally filled with the vibrancy of dance, music and the arts.
> Their religions reflect traditional Christianity from the Spanish, and Santeria from Africa, all mixed and co existing in a stew pot of acceptance and somewhat mutual superstitions.
> In terms of what captures Kim’s eye, It is broad and inclusive, and is left up to what his wife calls “ a fertile field of imagination”.
> Kim’s medium is digital photography, with minimal post processing. using Nikon and Fuji equipment.

Kim is proud to present these works to the public for the first time at Gallery Espresso.

He can be reached

Kim Huffman

The Gallery Espresso
234 Bull Street, Savannah Ga 31401
> Printing is done in Savannah by Photomasters and Adonis Mouna.

Artist Bio tintype photo by Christine Eadie,