Gallery Espresso

Circa 1993 deep in the historic Savannah area. Cozy, basement space for the first ten years, very reminiscent of the “beat poet” days. Fire places, very little day light, the early days were strictly beverages and a small menu of bakery fare.

2003 required a move to a larger location and the ultimate expansion of menu items. We were fortunate to move to a notable historic building at the south end of the popular Chippewa Square. The building is circa 1859 and has a long history of commercial versatility.

We enjoy a wonderful diverse customer base, students, business professionals, faculty, other restaurant chefs and staff.


What Our Customers Have Been Saying

Service and ambiance is great! Everything we ordered was quickly prepped and delivered to the table, great care for social distancing is taken by the staff & the tea selection is amazing. Great experience!

Mike Balles

This is my go to spot for my espresso craving. I live in town so whenever I’m too lazy for in-house espresso I come here. Satisfies my caffeine and sweet tooth all in one! Wife likes it as well since they make a pretty good iced coffee.

Christopher Mckneely

GREAT service and we were there every day of our vacation! Lattes and breakfast goodies were delish and served with a smile. This place has a great charm – certainly not modern but comfortable – like an old house. You can even sit by one of the two fireplaces! Some of the chairs should be replaced but tables and regular chairs are available inside and out.

Dawn Phelan

My favorite cafe in Savannah so far (amongst the ones I have visited). They have very comfortable seating arrangements from tables with power outlets great for computer work or grandpa chairs with coffee table for casual conversations and to meet new ppl. Besides this they serve the most desirable drinks for me, which is coffee and wine. Plus they have great food and an artsy environment. I love all that and recommend it to all ppl new to town, especially the ppl from Deutschland. 🙂

D. S.

OMG we loved this place. Very underrated coffee shop. Every thing was fantastic, the service was great, very friendly and professional. Large selection of coffee and great quality coffee, make sure get their Irish mint late! the atmosphere and decoration was fantastic. Perfect location right in front of Chippewa Square , it offers plenty of seating area outside. Their pastries were wonderful. Their bagels, croissant🥐 and scones were so tasty and fresh.

Aman Mandal

This place was super close to our hotel. It has the appeal of an internet cafe… but more. It has all the cakes, pies, and other sweet things you desire! My cafe au lait was great and YES…you can sub for whole milk!!? We had a nut-less brownie that reminded me of a cake with caramel crunch on top… amazing!

S. McGee

Quaint, quiet, full of rich antiquey looking decor. Cozy. Plenty of drink and bakery options. Nice place to sit outside and relax with a coffee and a book.

Anne Neuman

Possibly the best place for coffee in Savannah. “Mocha? One espresso or two? With blueberry flavor? No problem.” And the pastries are fresh and delicious. Get them before they run out. Also a really decent and interesting lunch menu. I highly recommend it!

Daniel Baisden