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The Gallery Espresso proudly presents: Nea Hannah – Through June 30th 2019!

Nea Hanna – What It Means to Me: Symbols & The Narratives We Construct With Them

A symbol is defined as a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process. Societies rely on the understanding of symbols in order to communicate important ideas or messages. Take a red octagon, for example. A red octagon for the majority of society symbolizes stop. It not only symbolizes the word stop, but also symbolizes the command behind that word.

If we do not recognize or know the meaning associated with a symbol, is the symbol just an insignificant shape to us? Do we see it as purely ornamental? How can the meaning of a symbol change? Do we give meaning to symbols by the way that we use them? These are all questions that came up when I began to explore different symbols, their meanings, and their origins. In this grouping of pieces, I’ve gathered symbols from many different cultures and origins and placed them together into my own narrative. I have even modified the meaning of some to convey my own thoughts and experiences.

A lot of the symbols may not immediately convey their meaning, especially if they originated outside of your own personal story. When you read the title of the piece, does the meaning make sense? Are you surprised by the meaning? Are you offended by any of the symbols now that you know their intended meaning? Do symbols have power if we don’t know their meaning? Do they have power because we know their meaning?


Featured through June 30th 2019!

Opening Reception Friday June 21st from 6p-9p!

Jessica Barnhill Gallery Director
Gallery Espresso
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