Art Show

The Gallery Espresso proudly presents: Cindy Male – Featured Through April 6th 2020!

The unique conversations that go on in the creative mind during art making continually renew my involvement in the visual arts. In this private space, my knowledge, emotion, intuition, and experience come together bringing forth images that invariably surprise/encourage me. Studies have taken me to WVU (BA in Interior Design/ArtEd/SpEd) Fashion Institute of Technology/ NYC (Fibers) UGA (Studies Abroad) Vermont College (MA/Creative Education) SCAD (MFA/Fibers). I hold certification in Kundalini Yoga I/II, Reiki I/II. As a surface designer, I use hand painted, stamped, stenciled, and screened images, digitally manipulated and sub-dye printed, as a surface for over painting and wax or metallic thread embellishment. Use of rhythm/repetition as energetic ground within the composition of the printed fabric is influenced by Quantum physics sub particle organization, Chaos, Fractals, Biocentrism. 

Featured Through April 6th 2020!

Jessica Barnhill Gallery Director
Gallery Espresso
234 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia, 31401