Art Show

Gallery Espresso – Presents: Fermin Uriz

Born in Cordoba, Argentina. Growing up my father, an award winning fine artist, inspired me to pursue art from an early age. I was fascinated at all the different ways you could combine colors with lines and shapes; these simple things still fascinate me to this day. I attended an art high school in my hometown of Durham, NC where my passion for sculpture took off. Consequently all this led me to pursue a degree in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design where I specialized in designing user friendly products with a modern and playful aesthetic. Although having received a degree in a design, I was never able to let to go of my practices in fine art. As I see it, I need a balance between the two, mixing art into design and vice versa. This intermingling of parallel worlds keeps me up at night; looking for new ways to elevate the aesthetic experience for the world around us. Currently in the Netherlands pursuing an internship at the Iris van Herpen Atelier alongside a remote internship with NanoResearch Inc. in Atlanta, GA.