Art Show

The Gallery Espresso proudly presents: Amy Cross – Through September 30th 2019!

Amy Cross – Abstract Art – Gel Ink On Wood Panels

I’ve been influenced by art and color all my life. My nickname is the “one of every color” girl. I grew up in a household filled with art. My father, Barry Nehr was an illustrator and muralist. During his career, he painted murals in national parks and museums across the United States. They can be found as close by as the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, and as far away as the shark tank at Sea World in San Diego. As a kid I spent as much time as I could with him in his studio, watching him work and playing with paint.

Featured Through September 30th 2019!

Jessica Barnhill Gallery Director
Gallery Espresso
234 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia, 31401