Art Show

Gallery Espresso – Presents: Faces of 2020 by Elise Aleman

A year few of us will ever forget. This series of portraits reflect emotions and desires most can identify with. Finding strength where there is none to give. Joy amid isolation. Hope in a future yet unseen.

Elise Aleman (b. 1960, Havana, Cuba) is a Christian artist living in Savannah. Her figurative work gives visual life to her spiritual faith. The portraits look back at you, provoking self-contemplation and thoughtful conversations about biblical themes.

Elise spent the last 30+ years working as a graphic designer, but a few years ago, after teaching a drawing class she rekindled her dream of entering the Fine Art world. Encouraged by her son and close friends, she returned to art school to refine her skills and renew her confidence as a painter. She is graduating from SCAD in March with a BFA. See more of her work at Gallery Across the River at the Savannah Convention Center.