Chaos and Control: An Exploration in Abstraction

As an artist, my work is rooted in the process of unleashing chaos while maintaining a sense of control. Through splattering paint of varying viscosity and color onto a primed canvas, I embrace the spontaneous nature of art-making. However, in the midst of this chaos, I maintain a deliberate sense of control, always keeping an overall image in my mind.

My sources of inspiration come from many different places, including geography, city sprawls, and the general imperfections of life. It is through these inspirations that each of my paintings takes on a unique identity of its own. The layered colors, patterns, and textures create a visual story that is both unpredictable and deliberate.

To further develop the depth and movement in my paintings, I use a black paint pen to outline one color tone, building contrast and creating a sense of three-dimensionality. This meditative process of outlining can sometimes take weeks to complete, as I carefully consider the balance between the spontaneous and deliberate elements of my work.

Once the painting is finished, I stretch the canvas, giving the artwork a sense of completion and permanence. My hope is that my abstract artwork invites the viewer to reflect on the balance between chaos and control, spontaneity and intentionality, and the beauty that can be found in both.