Talia Sullivan is an emerging artist, born in Devon UK. She is currently studying at Savannah College of art and Design doing a BFA in painting, minoring in printmaking. In her studio practice, Sullivan explores the relationship between humanity and the vastness of the landscape. Her art often features anonymous figures seamlessly integrated into expansive natural settings. Through her work, she seeks to evoke a sense of wonder and reverence for the world around us.

Artist Statement

We are fleeting visitors to earth. We often forget the landscape around us. My work aims to evoke the feeling of awe we experience as we attempt to comprehend our trivial existence in comparison to the vastness of our surroundings.
Having grown up surrounded by a dense array of wildlife and rurality, I was taught to appreciate the autonomous quality of the world untouched by humans. As much as possible I strive to be in those pockets of tranquillity, from running to biking to exploring. My work is an internal commentary on the interaction humans have with nature.
The process is initiated by the construction of an environment, dense or sparse. The fusion of habitual strokes and colors emerge organically, shaped with unexpected accidents during my practice. Within this visual narrative, the incorporation of anonymous figures introduces a novel perspective on the familiar, urging viewers to reconsider and reassess their connection with the world that envelops them.
Utilizing the practice of painting, etching and lithography, I explore these themes as they serve the questions I have regarding existence.